General list of policies.  These will change from time to time.  When in doubt, please ask.
1) Special offers may be changed or withdrawn at anytime.  Causes for this could be cost changes or interruption of supply lines.  Please call and confirm.  We will always try to fulfill every offer that we can feasibly do.
2) Many items are NOT stocked.  This is simply because technology changes fast.  We will gladly order what you need.  A deposit may be required at our discretion.  Items that we do not normally deal with will definitely require payment for the item prior to order.  This prevents hanging on to items that there is no market for.  We are a small local company.
3) Commercial accounts will usually be granted NET 10 terms.  Items we do not normally work with or that there is no normal market for will still be required to be paid prior to order.
4) Web based orders will be shipped within 5 days of your cleared payment (most usually much shorter time).  If we are unable to ship in that time frame, we will contact you.
5) Any item accepted for return must be in NEW (MINT) condition with all packaging, accessories and manuals.  There will usually be a restocking fee of 20% associated with this.
6) Service calls to the customer location are typically billed a travel charge.  Labor time starts when we arrive on site and ends when we leave your site.  Minimum billing time is one hour plus travel charge.
7) After hours service is available.  There is a minimum four hour billing charge for this service.  This is billed from the time we leave our facility until the time we return.  There is NO separate travel charge.  The labor rate for this service is higher than standard rate.  Same policy applies to emergency calls.  No promotions shall apply to this section.  Service contracts may soon be available with negotiated rates.
8) In shop and drive up services have a one half hour minimum billing time.
9) Items delivered to the customer that does not coincide with a service call will be charged a $25 delivery fee.  This service is generally only provided while we are in your area and helps us recover additional fuel expenses.
10) More to come.  This list is simply a guideline and will be amended as time goes on.