M.U.R.S. 2 Way radio is officially called Maine's Universal Radio Service.  The name we are going by is our initials just to keep it simple.
     This company was founded on the basis that we are going to provide honest and fair radio and electronics service just as I (the owner, James Delancy) prided myself on doing for every customer throughout my nearly 20 year tenure doing mixed retail sales and technical work for customers.
     We will not sell you something that you simply do not need (no over kill here just to make money!).  We will work with you to qualify what is the best product/service match for you and your business regardless of your location.  Our local service area is Aroostook County, Maine.  We will work anywhere in the state if you call!  We are also licensed in the state of Connecticut and can do limited work down there as well (tax exempt customers only please).
     We are fully insured and licensed where applicable.  We have federal licensing, state licensing (CT only as Maine does not have that requirement) as well as industry certifications.  We are constantly looking for new and updated training to help us keep on top of the latest and greatest technology.  There are many exciting technologies in this world of ours, we are here to help!  As another once great company used to say (slightly modified) "You have questions, we have answers or we will help you locate that answer".

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